Top Reasons Basic Studies Are So Important

Universities strive to provide students with a “well-rounded” education that includes subjects that are not related to the area of study. Depending on the university, it may take as long as two years to complete these basic courses.

To many students, the expense and time required for these courses are not worth it. Many who choose to go to a specialty school to learn a trade do so because of the desire to prepare for a new career quickly and without the high cost of tuition. For those who do make the decision to go to a four-year college for their education, there are numerous reasons that basic studies are a good investment.

Skill Development

Although some general education courses may seem unnecessary, they can actually help prepare students for their major courses in their major. There are virtually no areas of concentration that can be completed without math skills, especially those that are in the area of sciences. Math is also important for life skills such as balancing a checking account.

Discover New Areas of Interest

Many people would be surprised to learn how many students start college to pursue a career in one area only to discover through a basic education course that they have interests in other areas. They may choose to change the direction of their education altogether or take on a side interest in for business or pleasure. Since these courses are taken during the first two years of education, changing courses won’t result in their having to take different courses to start over.

Exercise the Other Side of the Brain

A major based in science or math requires left brain function. Majors in the arts are associated with the right side of the brain. Basic courses in a variety of areas will engage both sides of the brain and increase problem-solving and artistic functions.

University studies, basic studies, general education, or whatever name is given to the required subjects outside of the major area can be beneficial and enjoyable. For most, at least some of these courses are worth the time and cost.

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