The Value of a College Degree

The question that many high school graduates consider is whether going to college and getting a degree will be worth the financial investment that their education costs. For many, the rising cost of education makes going to work straight out of high school even more appealing. The fact is that a college degree can be well worth the time and money invested if the student makes the right choice about the type of degree they pursue.

There are a few factors that make the area of study a student chooses a more secure financial one for them. For one, it must prepare them for a career in an area that is showing current growth and that is expected to become even more in-demand in the future. Even the most impressive credentials won’t matter if there is no one hiring. Some of the areas students should consider for job security in the future are:


The number of baby boomers becoming seniors and the increase in the number of people with medical insurance are two factors that have increased the need for healthcare professionals at the every level. In addition to a greater demand for doctors and nurses in all areas of specialties, there is also a growth in supporting areas such as imaging technicians, medical coders, lab technicians, and many others that are expected to continue growing in demand.


Technology is growing at an explosive rate and it’s bringing with it a high demand for educated professionals who are prepared to venture into new and exciting areas. The area of tech and computer occupations has the greatest potential for future growth than all other occupations. Some emerging areas of interest include virtual reality engineering, augmented reality engineering, and cognitive computing engineering.

Careers that are in-demand and growing more popular are a good choice of study for any college student. The choice in schools where they study will also make a difference in their potential success. Finally, pursuing a career that genuinely interests them will be the most satisfying choice of all.

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