Study Tips for Students with Limited Study Time

A lot of research has been done to find the best study methods for students who may find themselves strapped for time. For years, students have spent weekends having fun and then cramming for exams at the last minute. While this is a classic method that may be enough for the best students to get by, it isn’t going to help anyone reach their true potential. Some tips that research has shown to be really effective include:

Break up Study Sessions

The goal is to get better quality studying time, not more quantity. Dedicating a single day through the week to studying and using the rest of the time for other things is more likely to end with frustration and a failure to stick with the plan. It is more effective to break up study times and cover small amounts of material during short periods of time. For example, taking between fifteen and thirty minutes to review study material before bedtime has been scientifically proven to improve the chance that the brain will retain the new information.

This fact is especially convenient for students who don’t have long chunks of time to devote to study. They can work on their studies between classes, on the bus ride home, or in-between household chores.

Have More Than One Study Spot

Students may have a favorite spot for studying, but research has shown that moving around every day improves retention. The brain makes a different connection with the same material based on the place where it is reviewed leaving a stronger impression on the memory.

Get Enough Sleep

Staying up all night to study for an exam the next day has been shown to lead to poor performance. Following some of these other tips for getting more from studying every day will allow students to get the sleep they need every night to feel refreshed and mentally alert.

Studying doesn’t have to take up the majority of the student’s time. It just needs to be managed efficiently.

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