Must-Have Technology for College Students Today

Each semester, college students head off to college with new expectations and the hope that they will finish the semester with the best possible grades. Technology has never played a greater role in accomplishing their goals than it does today. The right gadgets can help them obtain and organize the information they need to optimize their studying efforts. Some of the must-have gadgets for college students today include:

A Smart Notebook

These new notebooks let students create, deliver, and share lessons. A variety of add-ons allows for a number of additional functionalities. A good choice is the Moleskine notebook which lets students take notes with a pen and paper, translates from paper to pixels, and improves the organization of materials with the Evernote app.

Kindle Voyage

This version of the e-reader is made to give students digital access to all their text books without the need to pack them around from class to class. Not only does this new gadget prevent the backaches from carrying around heavy backpacks, it can also be a lot less expensive. Students can rent textbooks to use while needed instead of buying them outright.

Fitbit Flex

Seeing is believing, and this gadget lets students see what they eat, how much sleep they are getting, and how much fitness they are getting in their hectic routines. It also includes a silent alarm to get them up for early morning classes without disturbing their roommate.

Pocket Juice

This is a rechargeable power bank that keeps portable electronics charged wherever students go. They come in different power capacities and prices. Pocket Juice is the ideal way to prevent students from having the juice the need to use any of their electronic gadgets even if they forgot to plug them in the night before.

There are many types of technology that will help students manage their time and their studies more efficiently. Just looking for the features they need will usually get results that will work for them.

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